Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thanks again to every one who made it out to my birthday party on friday. I can t tell you how much it meant to me to have all my friends gather in one space to enjoy the music we love.

Before I thank everyone who came out, a special shout goes to my girl Cara for hooking up the party. With out her none of this would of happened. She hooked me up, including an adult Pinata filled with liquor, money, and candy. I love you :)

Second I would like to thank all the Homeys from San Jose, including Dulce Dee Lady, and All the crew from Street Low magazine including Richard Gypsy for taking pictures. I would also like to shout out The Pachuco Car Club SF, The Bombs Car Club, Street Low Magazine, Allen Thayer (wax poetics magazine), E Da Boss (Myron & E), Jesse Nason, Kerry and his wife Yoko, FTC, all the Sweater Funk Crew, and all my friends and family who came out in full force... You know who you are.

Check out the set of Pictures from this Event

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