Friday, June 5, 2009


80's funk - boogie disco - soulful steppers
every sunday @ Li Po in china town

Once again thanks all for coming through in May, we tried hard to get a really sick line up for you and I think we did good, both last month and upcoming.

Also, the homies E Da Boss & Spinnerty of Grown Kids Radio (amongst other things) had Blunck, Proof & I by E's spot for some fried chicken, Ruffles & cream cheese, champagne and a radio interview plus dj sets! Our episode is up now on the Grown Kids Radio site for your enjoyment! Listen for shout outs, stupid anecdotes and that champagne bottle poppin'! Listen here:

As some of you know we'll be celebrating Jon Blunck's birthday June 14th @ Sweater Funk, it's going to be a KILLER!!!! Special surprises to be unveiled that night @ Li Po plus some extra special guests (see below)! We'll also be moving the party to So. Cal., celebrating Dam-funk's birthday at his Funkmosphere party in L.A. the next day, so all you with the means to do so, let's head down south & rep some Bay Area Boogie in Ellay! Hope to see you there!
Be well,
-DJ Guillermo

June 7th - Sweater Funk crew with DJ Auto - Keeping it in the family this Sunday with our own adopted bro DJ Auto. We haven't run a night with just the crew in a while so this is gonna be a homecoming party long overdue.

June 14th - Jon Blunck's Sweater Blunck Birthday Boogie Bash in the Basement! Special guests: Laroj & DJ Randy Watson from the Funkmosphere crew, T.B.A., T.B.A. & DX the Funky Grandpaw dropping only LOWRIDER OLDIES at the end of the evening! Lots of Surprises in store for this evening and IT WILL BE PACKED. So arrive early and stake out your claim at the front of the dancefloor!

June 21st - Tristes Tropiques - His style in his own words: "Songs with hand claps followed by two seconds of echo, conga drums, grunts, heavily-syncopated drumming, post-punk guitars and vocals chanting, telephone rings, unexpected Jamaican or Europeans who start rapping, ironic self help advice, etc". Put that in a boogie context and it reminds me of some of the best music Sly & Robbie ever did.

June 28th - Freddy Anzures (Wax Poetics, Groove Merchant, Propr) - Journalist, DJ, Collector, visual artist and all around solid dude this one. Freddy is the man behind some of the best flyers in the game, comes with the illest records, and has been a huge supporter of not only our thing, but all deep funky music for the discerning listener. We're stoked to have him by!

Other Sweater Funk events:
June 12th - DJ GUILLERMO GUESTS W/THE HEIST CREW @ The Double Dutch - The Heist boys are: Dave Aju, Spinnerty, Dominic & Mr. Grant. They make The Double Dutch worth checking out on a Friday night (well, Mel the bartender helps a lot too). I'll be going heavy on the boogie this night while also stretching out into other funky territories. It'll all make sense on the dancefloor!

Wednesday Happy Hour @ Triple Crown - At your request we're working on making this a weekly happening. We've been getting a good response to the vibe but it sucks trying to keep track of which Wednesday we are throwing down. For now, watch your in box for updates.

Behind The Groove - 4th Saturdays @ Koko - 80's electro funk & disco - w/Renmin, Vinyl Richie, Jon Blunck & DJ Guillermo plus special guests.

every sunday
@ Li Po Lounge
in the basement
912 Grant @ Washington
In San Francisco's fragrant Chinatown

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