Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dimitri's Cocktail Disco is not your dad's lounge record. Instead what Cocktail Disco has is an eclectic mix of Disco tracks that you probably haven't heard before.

The Cocktail Disco style was called Sleaze back in its’ heyday, from roughly 1976 to 1979. There were even DJs specializing in the Sleaze sound which was usually played after hours, in spots with a strong sex oriented drive.

Cocktail Disco has that ubiquitous 4/4 beat and flying open high hat, complemented by rich orchestrations, campy over the top vocals, and an often tropical latin vibe. Something that wouldn't feel out of place in a broadway musical. The indie label releases usually meant lower producing budgets, which translated in less polished recordings giving the music a rawer, more appealing sound to me.

"Cocktail Disco" a double CD compilation was released in June from UK's BBE label, and available worldwide through the usual channels. The focus is more on the indie and harder to find songs rather than on the major players which have been thouroughly compiled or re-issued.

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