Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is the second album by the Crusaders' saxophonist Wilton Felder, released in 1980 on MCA Records and produced by the Crusaders. Most notable guest artist is Bobby Womack who sings the great title track, while the other musicians include Dean Parks, Arthur Adams, Roland Bautista, Joe Sample, Abraham Laboriel, Ndugu Chancler, Ricky Lawson and Paulinho Da Costa.



Bloonose said...

Stix Hooper the drummer in the band also had a solo album out at that time which had a really good track which used a french squeeze box on it. I can't remember the name of it ! But I still love the the " Inherit the wind" track which really takes me back to my youth and hitting the dance floor to Chic etc.......

Vinylrichie (VR3K) said...

big upp Bloonose.. Thanks for reading and sharing your memories.. Thats what were about. Keep funking


Bloo said...

Shame you guys are in the US as I bet you'd like to get your mits on my 12"s LOL started buying dance music in the early 70's and have no means of playing them now, all the classics plus....

I'd recommend
David Bendeth - Feel the Reel(1979)
Russ Brown - Gotta find a Way (1987)
Sea Level - Fifty Four (1978)
Or a real classic
George Clinton - Loopzilla (1982)

Sure you'd like all these if you look them up?

Have a good festive holiday and keep up the good work with the blog I visit every day ;0