Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oakland plays by its own rules. And Oakland’s new Terminal22 art gallery is giving artists a chance to do just that: operate within their own realm, on their own terms. With their first group show consisting entirely of altered skate decks, the non-traditional backgrounds seen at Terminal22 remove pieces from the expectations of traditional canvas art and allow works to express themselves through an entirely different set of associations. The upcoming ‘3D Canvas’ show will continue to push that envelope even further by showing dozens of custom urban vinyls and works related to the field. It will be the first of its kind in the East Bay and will begin by answering the question ‘what is urban vinyl?’ Urban vinyl relates to the quickly growing custom toy realm; blank vinyl toys used as a starting point for artists when creating their own original pieces. In such a new media there is no established hierarchy of what has been done for centuries and what you need to prove yourself against. Everything is in the present and if you can’t keep up, you’re out of the game. Customized toys supplied by one of urban vinyls top designer toy companies “STRANGEco”, one-of a kind plush toys, and playful ceramics will fill Terminal22 with over one hundred works of art from the Bay and beyond. In sum: these toys put your mint-condition Aquaman figurine to shame.

Artists include: Wasted Talent, Motorbot, Brent Nolasco, Ian Ziobrwoski, BISERama, Skinner, Tyler, Keith Poon, Sucklord, Patrick Francisco, Matt 136, Brett Amory, Nemo, John Casey, Peabe, Bryan Collins, Nerviswr3k, Phoneticontrol, Jeremy Regan, Leecifer, Evil MCA.
Cost: FREE

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