Sunday, February 26, 2012


Modern goodness from 2008. Don't sleep on Peo production. He is making huge noise across the pond and beyond amongst the Modern Soul community.

After several years working with music on his own Peo was signed to RoastingHouse Music in 2007.---- Peo works in the genres of Pop/RnB/Soul as a beat maker, producer and songwriter. He makes music in other genres as well.

In 2008 his song “Tonight” was released as a single on Sundae Soul records in Germany. The single got a lot of airplay in the UK amongst other countries and reached nr 10 on Solar stations playlist in the UK. The song was also released on a compilation CD in the UK called “Soul Togetherness 2008?. The record was on the hotlist on ITunes.---- In July his song “Tonight” is once again released on single but this time in Japan with a band called White Jam.


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