Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Matthew David has been playing guitar since he was a young child and has played in groups and worked in studios and music stores in the Philadelphia area for years. Since embracing recording engineering as a passion he has been able to bring his creative forces together. He learned his craft from some of the greats in recording and has put his experience in the studio to good use on these songs.

This is funk, echoed down the halls of classic rock. These tunes are the ghosts of music past in the flesh of the latest music of the present. Listen for Queen and you will hear them. Listen for Fishbone and you will hear them too.

His music finds a way to incorporate the big beautiful sounds of your favorite legendary rock records into the raw bones frame of funk music of the seventies. Pick a decade, sixties, seventies and eighties… listen and you will hear those sounds on these tunes. Deep funky drum grooves are complimented by etherial guitar arpeggios and riffs and vocal layering to create some of the most growling, spacial rock tunes I have heard in decades.

These songs are crafted from the bottom up and produced from the top down. The lyrics are integral and meaningful and the music supports them all the way. As writer, producer, vocalist, player and recording engineer, Matthew David commands a level of control from conception to final mastering that allows the songs to be everything that they were meant to be. These songs are not corrupted by outside forces and interests. Each song has been allowed to follow it’s own compass heading and take on it’s own particular singular style to best capture the sentiment and meaning it was meant to convey.


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