Thursday, June 23, 2011


The debut solo album reveals Dego’s profound love for the simple physical pleasure of a perfect beat, but also his boundless curiosity for reinventing the most sophisticated elements of classic funk and electro.

Even within a single song, Dego manages to take listeners on a journey across time. “Late Night Fright,” for example, begins by harkening back to the heyday of dub and drum ‘n’ bass, the club ori-ented music of Dego’s youth, before slowly dissolving into a dreamy jazzy soundscape, mirroring Dego’s own musical evolution.
Elsewhere on the album, Dego joins forces with a carefully-selected roster of singers and instrumental collaborators. “We Are Virgo” is a collaboration with jazz multi-instrumentalist Kaidi Tatham, that blends several time signatures, drawing on a rich palette of analog synthesizer sounds. A funky tangle of old-school acid house arpeggios, mixed with a bouncing soul groove, featuring vocals by up
and coming British singer Obenewa, “All That She Knows”

Guests include Georgia Anne Muldrow, Taylor Mcferrin, Sharlene Hector
and many more.


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