Wednesday, January 5, 2011


2010 was a great year in Modern Soul music, as I'm excited to bring you MORE underplayed tunes from the last 11 years. For this particular mix I want to start things off MY WAY, showcasing the slower tempos in Modern Music. Guessing from reactions, it seems people like my Dance friendly/up-tempo tracks on my previous mixes which is great, but I also want people to groove and understand the Beauty in slower tempo's. I hope my latest mix changes your thoughts on any music that is slower then 109 bpm.

All tracks on this mix are from 2000-2011 except for D-Influnce - Hypnotize (1997). This is my tribute to Steve Marston of D' Influence who passed away late last year. Enjoy the mix with a loved one, or some one that you would like to get loved by!

Also download available straight to Itunes. click the player

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