Monday, January 17, 2011


What is Two-Step Soul?

It is style of soul music initially popularized by UK reggae djs in the mid '70s as a change of pace to the all-night reggae sound system parties. The soul tracks selected tended to be mid-tempo and was differentiated from the uptempo driving disco style popular in most clubs at the time.The key to the genre was the short shuffle, swing or pause that created a cha-cha like rhythm.

By the early '80s the name Two-Step began to stick and certain djs made it their specialty. Many soul artists from the '70s until today have songs that have become Two-Step classics but the style is more about individual songs than any particular artists. A few tracks that many view as an essential examples of Two-Step are Natalie Cole's massive hit - "This Will Be" from 1975 or Luther Ingram's - "Do You Love Somebody" from 1978. More recently, R. Kelly's - "Step In The Name Of Love" is a contemporary Two-Step track that continues to light it up and has become an anthem for the genre.

Next time you listen to a New Jack Swing or J.Dilla track, that slight pause that "hooks you" is essentially a Two-Step beat with louder snare or bass. Whether uptempo or downtempo, Steppers have been keepin' the smooth groovers going for decades and at Sweaterfunk it's no different.

At Sweaterfunk, we love sharing our Two-Step Soul with you and every MLK Jr. Holiday Weekend 'til infinity we will showcase this style all night long! Hope you can join us!

-The Selecter Dj Kirk


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