Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hey guys sorry for the Delay... I've been a long and highly anticipated holiday vacation, finally getting back into the swing of things.

First off, I'm not going to sit here and reflect. Lets just keep it moving in 2011. There's to many highlights from last year but one things for sure. I've made some great friends in 2010 which I'm grateful for. Its hard to meet and trust people these days... True People, not Fake's or groupies who only ride for what is current. in 2011 I'm trying to weed those people out, staying true to them ones who are true to me.

Enough about that, My first music post is from a Group I've been feeling called CandyCream & Tony Momrelle (Incognito).

Sweet soul music is brought straight to your eyes and ears by award-winning outfit Candycream, a nine-piece powerhouse of soul, r&b, disco, house and Latin grooves.

The band's love of 60's and 70's soul music blends with an ability to riff emotionally through modern jazz, soul and lounge. They can get down and dirty too, proving it by winning Best Band for Soul and Jazz-Rock at the German rock and pop awards 2005.

In summer 2007 Lionel Richie asked the band to play as support for his tour dates all over Germany!

In 2009 Tony Momrelle (Incognito) recorded with candycream the single "Give love a chance".

Fronted by great vocalists, backed by smooth experience, Candycream's soul really does soothe the soul - and remind you what your ears are for...

Go out and Purchase "Give Love A Chance" by "CandyCream" Sorry NO freebees on this one.

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