Tuesday, December 7, 2010


FINALLY A MODERN SOUL CHRISTMAS ALBUM (add to you favorite pile of Holiday music)

Just in time because my folks love soul music and I'm home for the Holidays. I just placed my order for this AMAZING CD titled "Christmas Time" At SedSoul. WOOOOOOT!!!

All your parents favorite Holiday anthems replaced with Bass Synths, Soul Claps, and even a touch of Gospel for the inner Grown Folk. Of course you can download this album, but I picked up a Hard Copy for the Physical Aspect. Call me Old school.

Check out all the tracks on SedSoul and pick up this album!

SedSoul Records have given us so much fantastic music over recent years, and now it's time for their latest release which, as usual, takes everything great and good about soul music AND this time also draws upon all that we cherish about the festive season to make a very special album of festive and celebratory songs. Rob Hardt at Sedsoul Records has all the elements of a truly successful and popular Christmas album that does not fall into the trap of being sugary, schmaltzy or gimmicky. With his "Christmas At Sedsoul" we are treated to soulful music which is melodic, relaxed and luxuriant, as well as other songs that are joyous uptempo numbers which will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and create the right atmosphere for the festive season. Soulful Christmas albums have never been given serious consideration before, but this album certainly merits serious, critical attention. When Eugene Wilde sings about Christmas on "I Love Christmas", he puts his heart and soul into this, and the lyrics support the whole ethos of the album. Sharing the good times, laughing, enjoying family and appreciating all that is good are what we're talking about. SedSoul has always incorporated the best of the past into their music, and this is no different and a nod goes to the past masters of the Christmas song when Nat King Cole is referenced.

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