Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Where do you find the time Allen?! The expected father, 9-5 hustler, commuter and after school DJ on week nights has put together an amazing, hand picked compilation/mix of Brazilian Sweet Soul music.

Recently, The Love of Sweet Soul Music brought us to San Jose where we met some amazing people and they shared there amazing record collection with us. Big up the San Jose Familia Tommy Siquiero, Arlene Soulera, Margarita Galvan, Moe Arroyo, Jose Valle for re inspiring us.

I think the trip to San Jose influenced Allen to put this rare compilation together. Already the AMBASSADOR of Brazilian music on both coasts, Alma Doce takes the Low-Rider approach where lyrics still matter. At a recent listening session Allen reassured me that all these songs are about Love, Heart Break, Staying together etc. Although the language is Portuguese you can feel the Love, Soul and pain in each hand picked Record. What a great mix.


On a side note Allen and I working on project that is sure to blow your minds. Details soon.


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the amBASSador said...

I re-upped the link in case it didn't work before.