Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PURVEYORS OF STYLE" An Examination of Letter Style

Hey fam, I'll be playing records through out the night. come out and say hello.

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery proudly presents "Purveyors of Style" An Examination of Letter Structure. With the full support of amazing sponsers, Montana Colors, Vitamin Water, Artcrimes.com, Art Primo, Clout and 4g's Magazines this concept driven art exhibition that is surely not to be missed.
urated in partnership w/ Barrett Moore we're bringing 9 of the Countries best together to show the complexities and beauty of ou...r alphabet. Featuring 9 artist's of legendary status Ces, Yes2, Ivory, Pastime, Renos, Diet, Curve, Wand and Keb creating 1-4 new art works for this exhibtion with one letter in each painting. 26 new works of art for the 26 letter's of our Alphabet.

We'll also be blessed to have Ces and Ivory in town for this event from NYC. . If you where able to attend and enjoyed "Stand Tall" or remember "Demand Education" we promise an evening just as special. This show is our best attempt and our most focused, Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery is once again asking you to come and enjoy this vision as we elevate the truest form of Street Art to a new level in a gallery setting.Vinyl Richie on the turntables, all going down in the house that Philip Milic built, c'mon son we're at it again. Food by Rock and Roll Taco Bowl, and Wine from Napa's Finest Vineyards. Tell your friends, bring your fam, this Art Show is for those that have payed attention to the Street and the letter's that fill it's space.


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