Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW Cumbia | DJ Sabo | Bersas Discos

Over the summer I hit up NYC a few times & got to run into DJ Sabo @ Turntable Lab. Over the years through my friends J-Boogie (om records SF) & DJ Duane (Seasons Recordings | Fishing) I've gotten familiar with Sabo's music so it was great to chop it up with him about Serato/CD-J's/Vinyl's etc & many new tunes and sounds coming out.

He put me on to a few 45's of Cumbia music which I copped in the store. Fast fwd a few months & Sabo put out a really dope 12" of Cumbia related tunes on Bersa Discos.

Take a listen & download one of the tracks HERE (via FADER BLOG)

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