Thursday, November 6, 2014



David Logan said...

I had taken up a job in my area, Delhi, and my buddy had made the choice to study further and had enrolled with an American University. She was due to leave after Diwali and all our gang of buddies had made the choice to have a large farewell celebration for her. As we had very brief amount of time, we clubbed it with the Diwali Celebrations . We had made the choice to remain up the whole night singing and dancing, in brief - having a outstanding time. Once the Diwali Festival dinner was over and slowly the visitors starting leaving, my buddies, relatives and I headed to the veranda - our celebration venue. We had already sneaked in a lot of drinks and meals to last us the night. Laptops, music systems and everything else had been arranged and we were all set to have an amazing time. But as fortune would have it, our Diwali Wallpapers was interrupted even before it began.

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Marria Dikruz said...

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Marria Dikruz said...

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Rahul Panchal said...

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