Sunday, July 14, 2013


Thanks to Voltaire Records (SF) for lacing me up with their current release "Private Function" (Props for hand delivered vinyl). Label owner "Randy" took his time and produced a high quality product on 12"! I already knew this EP was going to be funky based off art work designed by Primo. Private Function is a Modern Funk compilation presented by Voltaire Records, featuring artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Miami. Weaving through elements of Boogie, Funk, Modern Soul, and G-Funk, Private Function heralds a new breed of talented producers re-inventing and amplifying this relished sound.

K-Maxx -A close friend & HOMIE who delivers FUNKY music with every release. Ken is talented and plays all Instruments opposed to over produced Digital techniques that's saturating the market. "Da Blast" supplies that head nodding, West Coast-Funk bounce usually associated with Zap. Pick up his latest EP on Sound Boutique. Hopefully K-Maxx forms a band in the near future.

XL Middleton & Eddie Funkster - A Dangerous combo who've been damaging speakers with their signature L.A.Boogie/Slap Sound over the past few years. Another group of close friends who continue to amaze me on every release. "Night Time Is Coming" screams 101 south in July! The Duo is out there breaking necks with tasty tunes on their own Record label "MO'FUNK". Make sure you snatch up anything they release. Supplies are limited!

Loose Shus - The track "Loose Coupling" takes you on a Sci-Fi Synth adventure with hints of 80's soundtrack. I love the movie "BloodSport" and feel this track should have been the closing credits... And that's a good thing. If you dig soundtrack tunes you'll feel this one. I've noticed Sci-Fi/Soundtrack parties popping up all over, Volatare Records has you covered.

Night School - Night School is the solo project of Miami Based Mickey De Grand IV. He is a member of Psychic Mirrors and runs the label Cosmic Chronic. On this release I think he captured the current sound of Funk at the moment. With hints of the past, present, and future, the track is Funky and hip shaker no doubt. I look forward to future releases from Night School.

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