Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Man................. Rest In Peace. Thank you for leaving us this massive FUNK tune.

First Class Love, a two-disc collection of cutting room floor cuts from Teena's tenure at Motown Records. Now, and with the help of Tee's daughter, Alia Rose, the proposed fourteenth album of Teena's, entitled Beautiful, is soon to be released. The first taste of what her Ivory Queen of Soulness was cooking up prior to her passing is the album's first single, "Luv Letter," which has a in-the-pocket groove that is pure Lady T and should appease fans loyal and new. Though "Luv Letter" makes you feel the bite of Teena Marie's passing, she comes from a place of love and being introduced to these forgotten tunes is that warm soulful hug we've always gotten from her and will continue to get as long as we keep the music playing. Beautiful will arrive January 15, 2013.


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Anonymous said...

Lady T is making hits from heaven! This song is smoking. "Don't let my smoke get in your eyes." LOL! Rick must be there with her.