Saturday, September 22, 2012


Soul Of Earth "Electromagnetic" is a combination of all genres of music that had some funk in it or funk could be applied to it. Quincy Jones meets Daft Punk- meets- Earth Wind & Fire- meets- Lil Louis - meets- Brand New Heavies - meets Blue Six -meets-Isley Bros. -meets- Mr. Fingers- meets- Bjork -meets - Heatwave. Kind of a vibed-out, ancient future funk party. Soulful global dance music with a message. We feel that dance music is the current global communication.

This is a collective of spirits inspired by soul. We feel fortunate to work with each other on this collection of music. The music can sometimes help identify problems in our relationships as well as offer solutions.
This series of three releases is the result of our excitement to make a classic collection of new vibrations and frequencies to dance to.

The Omar track is one of my favorites!

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