Wednesday, July 18, 2012


" Murphy's Law," was the name of a number 1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart single by the Montreal, Quebec-based American female dance duo Chéri. It reached the top spot in May 1982 and stayed there for three weeks. The single also reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it peaked at number 39 that same year.
Written and produced by Geraldine Hunt and Freddie James, the mother and brother of Chéri singer Rosalind Hunt, the song is based on the sayings of Murphy's Law, in which they told a boyfriend that his good luck had just run out and everything he had owned were being taken away from him.

When he realizes what has happened and thought that it wouldn't happen to him , the ladies reply by telling him "got it all together, don't cha baby..." The track is also best known for featuring squeaky sped-up vocals and laughs throughout the song and in its chorus.

Today the song is considered both a Club and an Old School classic by many fans. It would also be a One-hit wonder and a novelty hit for the duo, even though they did have a few minor hits on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart: "Give It To Me Baby"/"Star Struck" (#57, 1982), "Working Girl" (#27, 1983), and "small town lover" (1983).
Recently, the song has been featured on Canadian band Chromeo's DJ-Kicks compilation.

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