Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've been a long time fan of the lable ZZK. These guys are ahead of the game in the International sounds. I'm also a huge fan of their Mixes. Peep Vol.9, one of my favorites!

This is not your Mom & Dad Cumbia selections.

Produced, remixed, mashed-up, meshed, filtered & bastardized! This is how El Remolón's mixtape emerges onto the scene, gathering all the insane ideas that stir up the dance floor at Zizek Club in Buenos Aires & that will tour across the world during June through August amidst a frenzy of dancing.

El Remolón has us dancing to his trademark slow cumbias, later guiding us along new electro reggaetons that defy the forces of gravity & finally leading us to his new dubsteps & latin kuduros with mega bass...all without losing his hypnotic & groovy essence. This is just a taste of what's to come on his next album & EP, both of which will be released by ZZK Records later this year.

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