Thursday, April 19, 2012


Unknown said...

Yo man I've been a long time reader of this site and respect what you do a lot, so please hear me out on this comment.

Images like these used to make me think that a raging battle existed between computers and vinyl, and that the only way to be "true" was to spin and collect only vinyl.

But then I started seeing so many old school SF local heads like Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike, etc. who showed me the power of using computers. I realized you can use BOTH, and that enhances your musical knowledge even more!

You can open your mind to the new without having to abandon the old. At the very least, it helps you learn about more cool music that you can dream of someday finding on vinyl!

- Noah

Vinylrichie (VR3K) said...

Thank you for the comment Noah. I hear you, and I think music is really the important factor here.

If you use Laptop or collect records, its up to the person. I also love technology, but in my mind its taken the hard work in what it takes to become DJ. Searching blogs, etc for playlist, rather than Dig for something underplayed, exposing new music. But hey, times do change.

Please feel free to share comments. I'm always open to hear people out.

Cheers Noah