Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A music documentary where Joe Bataan ("Mr.New York" as he was once known) tells everything first hand about his life and musical career. This is the first time he does such thing and it is a true honour for Vampisoul. You can hear his voice of gold while he shows you his city, NY and describes his life. From the early 50's when he was a rowdy teenager, unti his acclaimed comeback in the 21st century! You can also watch a "Rap-o-clapo" video of 1979, a TV version of a 1980 video, a live show in Spain in 2005, 40 minutes of a very "caliente" show in NYC in 1995 and some other surprises and bonuses!!

For the full length feature of this video "Mr New York is Back" go to www.vampisoul.com

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