Monday, October 3, 2011


Check out the homey Brian Oblivian "SUBMISSION" for the Roy Ayers Project! Sounds real nice my friend. I hope you make the cut!

Really Really is a track that I just put together which was specifically inspired by what you guys are doing with the Roy Ayers Project. In creating this track, my first goal was to highlight a great Roy Ayers song which gets a bit less play than the usual hits. For this I tapped into his album “Vibrations” for the song “Baby I Need Your Love.” In addition to this, I wanted to add some of my own touches (Chunky drums, chopped up melodic samples, synth strings) while keeping with the feel of the classic Roy Ayers sound.
-Brian Oblivion

Bio: Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Professor Brian Oblivion is a dedicated crate digger/producer/DJ/hip-hop junkie who has been gradually making waves this year with his first vinyl release, the 45 RPM single “Feel The Funk (The Government Is Robbing Everybody Blind).” Armed with an MPC, turntables and a room full of vinyl, he carefuly crafts forward-reaching beats that are deeply entrenched with the grooves of the past. His debut album, “The Dark Realities Of The Moment” is soon to hit the shelves of record stores across the globe. A juxtaposition of sounds spanning the last five decades, this conscious work, that nods to KRS-One and Public Enemy, offers a message in a time where mainstream rap fails to even scratch the surface. With the influence of Gang Starr, DJ Shadow, A Tribe Called Quest and other Golden Era Hip-Hop artists, his album incorporates soul, funk, rock, jazz and world styles. In addition to his production work, Professor Brian Oblivion is known to hold down the turntables at various locales in San Francisco. Currently he hosts a monthly party, “Soul Explosion” every 2nd Friday of the month at Casanova Lounge.

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