Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Nu Colours were the gospel group and looked likely to make a cross over into the mainstream. The Gospel group comprising Lain Gray (Lain provided some great vocals for Jason Chue a.k.a. Wookie on 'Battle' amongst many others), Lawrence Johnson, Sophia Johnson, Patricia Knight and the legendary Fay Simpson.

Fay is one of the most experienced singers on the UK gospel scene. She honed her craft growing up in the Church of God of Prophecy in Harlesden, north west London, and at 19 joined Nu Colours, who had a deal with a secular label. She left the group in 1995 and began song writing and vocal arranging.

After singing on the UK gospel circuit, Lain Gray was asked to join premier gospel outfit Nu Colours in 1991, Lawrence Johnson, founder member of the group, was calling Lain for auditions saying he was putting some band together. Later he said, 'Oh, in case you don't get this, would you be interested in being involved with Nu Colours?'

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Hiya- I have this album and still love - it still sounds fresh as when I first bought it.