Monday, May 2, 2011


A name you should start getting familiar with.

Trailer is sick, he got's the funky flu. Dan Meisenheimer a.k.a “Trailer Limon” is addicted to making music. Bay Area born, raised and now based, Mr. Limon originally started his musical journey on a bass guitar and has picked up every other instrument along the way. This multi-instrumentalist explores an array of sounds in his musical creations using a mixture of analog instruments, synthesizers, samplers, electronic drums and anything else he can get a noise out of. From throwback disco and hip hop jams to afro-Slump and future funk, Trailer is a musical chameleon with his mind rooted in funk.

His current projects include The Pendletons; a soul/slump outfit with E Da Boss, New Future; a future funk band with fellow funkster Stanely Vanagan, and Secret Service; a psychedelic tribal krunk duo with Oakland artist Sun Ru

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