Monday, April 18, 2011


I was fortunate enough to catch Raphael Saadiq with my boo last Friday over at the Regency Ballroom SF. The show was more than I expected. Saadiq covered all his greatest hits plus a few new ones. Also worth mentioning was the band, they're off the hook! I mean OFF THE HOOK! Highlight for me was when the band played this steppers groove I never heard before while Saadiq went in for a wardrobe change. Had me wanting more.

The only let down of the night was Qaudron. I really do like this group, but for a bunch of Soul Brothers & Sisters in a BAY AREA setting the sound did not go over so well. I mean this was Saadiq's welcome home party! The restless crowed started to lose interest to the Down-Tempo style music after the first 3 songs. People were ready to get down! The Keyboard player could of at least looked like he was playing something. Not sure why he was on stage????

Over all if you have a chance to see Raphael Saadiq in concert you must. QUALITY!

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