Thursday, February 17, 2011


As a youth I remember my POP's being a Vinyl Record collector like most parents, but my Pops always had diverse tunes from Soul to Jazz. Pop's "Being a Car Club Guy (L.A. 70s)" always played music to cruise to and you would often find Latin Jazz from Gato Barbieri blasting out the speakers, 24/7. At that specific time I though Jazz music was Loud obnoxious Horns... Wow, now I look back at this particular moment realizing this record changed my point of view on what I though Jazz music is all about. Caliente is Latin Jazz or Chicano Funk by Gato Batbieri

The album on which a fire-breathing revolutionary transformed himself into a smooth Latin love man, under the guidance of producer Herb Alpert and associate producer Michelle (Mrs. Gato) Barbieri. The rhythm tracks are tight and funky in a facile '70s fuzak sort of way, and Jay Chattaway's CTI-inspired orchestrations sound dated and corny but effective. The arrangements conspire to stifle the Third World scream in Barbieri's raw and impassioned tenor sax tone. Yet he still manages to mate the steamy temperament of the tango with upscale funk on covers of Santana's "Europa" and Marvin Gaye's "I Want You."

This is track that did it for me.....


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