Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Already with a several years history in Finland´s music scene playing keyboards in various bands, around 2004 multi-instrumentalist Willy Baxter started to create his own musical vision. The main goal was to compose strong songs with beautiful popmelodies, vocals and spacey synth-based production without forgetting the dancey side of the background.

In 2007 Willy Baxter´s debut release “Aiming High” single was released digitally in all main netstores. 2009 was a busy year for Willy Baxter. He released his first proper EP “Proof” under shorted name Baxter consisting 4 original tracks with high profile remixes from artists like Lifelike and Spirit Catcher.
The same year Baxter was signed for british Mullet Records and a full-length album “In Between” was released in the end of 2009 consisting songs from 5 year period. Baxter was also busy doing remixes for other artists including Tesla Boy.

Placid Mind by baxtermusik

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