Saturday, January 29, 2011


Rae & Christian emerged in the late '90s as a successor to the many stellar British production teams of the '90s, updating the rich urban grooves of Soul II Soul and Massive Attack with a bit more emphasis on classic hip-hop. The duo of Mark Rae and Steve Christian, often helped out by vocalist Veba, began recording together in 1995. Grand Central Records released several of their collaborative singles -- as well as a few solo singles by Rae -- beginning in 1996. The duo's debut album, Northern Sulphuric Soul, was released in late 1998. Sleepwalking followed three years later. The duo hooked up with Kinetic in late 2001 to mastermind the hypnotic collection Anotherlatenight for Rae & Christian's chill out favorites like Riton, Dubble D, Capoeira Twins and more. John Bush, Rovi

Cleaning out records again, I re discovered this Rare Rae & Christian R&B Soul tune from 1997. I forgot who memorable this track was, even better when you can play it loud. While listening, this one brought back some great memories from the 90s. Download and make some memories of your own.



DJ BOUNCE said...

Massive tune!

"All I ask" DJ Spinna mix is another great one from the same time.

Met Mark Rae last year, nice bloke.

He's actually doing a tribute to Tony D who was also on Grand Central.

There's some amazing tunes on that label.

Check out Only Child too.

Maybe I'll get a lil Grand Central mix together at some point.

Vinylrichie (VR3K) said...

Thanks for sharing Chris. feel gree to lace me with that project. Love these cats. OG's