Monday, November 22, 2010


Truly a unforgettable night. Two of my favorite groups at the moment "Kings Go Forth + Myron & E. Vintage soul sounds with modern twist were about to set the night on fire! San Francisco was ready and welcomed them in with open arms.

Starting the night off is my good friend & San Francisco's favorite MOD "The Selector DJ Kirk". As always Kirk brought the Sweet Soul Sounds of the late 60s through the Mid 70s. Heavy weight records on the dance floor. While grooveing I took a second to look around, you could really feel the anticipations in the air as the crowed piled in waiting for the Myron & E to start. (By the way Both bands did a fantastic job)

Hitting the stage first was Myron & E backed by Hot Pocket (who sounded real tight + The Soul Investigators is there regular band) performed "On Broadway" to kick things off. The combination of the 2 sounded perfect, The vocals were on point and Hot Pocket sounded real tight. Its like 2 have been performing for years.

Fast forward Kings Go Forth also did an amazing job. This was my first time seeing them live and they really blew my mind. These guys have mastered the live performance and crowd interaction. For me the Horn Section stole the show. This was the best Ten Bucks I've spent in a long time.

If you have the chance to see this band live I highly recommend you do so. Oh yeah, also after the show I had a chance to talk with Kings Go Forth. Once again they said San Francisco was the best show of the tour.

"San Francisco heads just understand the music and vibe" Andy Noble

More pictures from Kings Go Forth Show

I also captured a few videos from the night, unfortunetlly I had a few drinks and found myself singing along. My voice is not the greatest and I really killed the songs. "On Broadway" by Myron and E is probably the only video where I'm not singing

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