Monday, September 27, 2010


Breakdancing sim for the Commodore 64. Players take control of a breakdancer and execute moves to the soundtrack selection. Classic moves include the "moon", a version of the familiar moonwalk, the "tut" (complete with crooked hands and sideways head motion to mimic the old wall paintings), the swinging "uprock", the spinning "footwork" (probably the move most associated with breakdancing, where you scramble your feet in a tight pattern while you spin in a circle near the ground), the "headspin" (not a good idea without a decent mat beneath you, at least in real life), "knee spin", the wild "windmill", "poppin'", "handspin", "scorpion," the "wave", the "check", and the "freeze."

Players can warm up, or they can record their performance with a record feature, then take on competitors, trying to keep your style bar up in the time allotted.

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