Friday, August 27, 2010


Attention Party People!! THIS IS IT YALL!! Crazy costumes! Dynamite Dancers! The Funkiest Music and the Hosts That Can Prove it! Professional dance crews, local celebrities, live hosts, gogo dancers, costumed freakazoids, live performances, basketball playing chimpanzees (ok we're still workin on that last one)!! This is gonna be CRAZY!!

Mezzanine is taking a time machine way back to 1982, Detroit Style!! It's not gonna be the same ol' Mezz either, new lighting and custom set design are only the beginning of the transformation!

*BEST OF ALL* The whole thing is getting FILMED! Video cassette style for that classic 80s look! DURRTY! So dress the steez and say cheese! YOU'RE ON TV!

RECRUITING: disco divas, b-boys, dancers, dancers, dancers, hosts, local celebrities, crazy flamboyant personalities, here's your time to shine! HOLLER AT US VIA to be FILMED IN THE SHOW!

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