Saturday, April 24, 2010


Another one of music's own has passed away today from Colon Cancer. LA's DJ Hideo made his transition from planet earth to heaven. With my uncle currently in the hospital battling cancer for his second time this one come especially close to home.

His last entry to the public reads like this: "Wanted to let everybody know that I check in back @ Mission hospital last week because of the weakness that I've been feeling for the past week," the DJ wrote. "My vitals are stable and now need the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. I'm very aware of my condition and communicate in writing. ... Right now, the one thing I really do miss is drinking a nice ice cold soda."

Hideo was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in early 2009. After he learned of the news and broke it to his peers, his close-knit friends in the music biz banded together to throw a concert called "Best In the West: Operation Hideo", benefiting his fight against cancer.

News of the DJ's passing has spread through Twitter, drawing reactions and RIP messages from peers, friends and fans.

Rest in Peace Hideo, our time on this earth is not promised.

To donate to Hideo's family for medical bills & funeral services check here:

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