Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fruition Las Vegas

I know it's been a minute, but here's a little update from a recent trip in February. Recently I found myself out in Las Vegas at the same time as the clothing convention "MAGIC". There are indeed pockets of Culture in the city of Sin. For instance, the store above is called "FRUITION". They specialize in Vintage clothing. This picture does not do the store justice, there's a wide variety so many different 80's & 90's brands like Sergio Tacchini, Polo, Guess, MCM & more. More highlights from the trip include a trip to Knyew, seeing & hearing DJ Neil Armstrong live with the homies from Miss Wax, Diamond & LRG, seeing the dude I grew up watching on Rap CityTigger was a trip, playing black jack while slightly intoxicated & catching up with the homies that live in Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to this store a few times, but my last purchase has soured my view of this business. I recently purchased a Chanel bag for my wife off of their website. When it arrives, I inspect the bag and it didn't seem right so I go to the nearest Chanel store and have them authenticate it . Long story short, the bag is a counterfeit. So I promptly get on the phone with the spot and the woman that answerers the phone tells me " It's an archival piece that doesn't guarantee the authenticity. We choose that piece because of it's look and how many of our customers appreciated it." I'm sitting there heated so I promptly respond "Why didn't you state that on your website instead of misleading me."...she says well you can return it!!! So I return it, but they are incredibly rude to me on the phone. Once again if your familiar with them avoid them like the plague they are horrible with shipping and the products are fake!!!