Friday, February 5, 2010


Dear internet,
Sorry I've neglected to hook you up with any original production or remixes lately. There have been lots of uncertainty's in my life such as possibly eviction which was thwarted thanks to my buddy Dan who is a property attorney. Thanks for saving my studio and my loft. Dealing with possible eviction, DJing 5 to 6 nights a week, and promoting 4 parties at same time leaves me feeling like seven midgets have been beating me with pillow cases filled with bar soap. Overall it has been a train wreck of a year so far. I've calculated that I've spend roughly 30 hours a week in bars and night clubs every week since September. After all the passing out flyers, blogging, countless emails, meetings, coffee, beer, tequila, and cab rides it all boils down to 5 hours 3 bands and 2 DJs. Hottub crushes shit! Lilofee murders it. Pance Party is going to get volcanic. and lets not forget Clayton and myself have been steady killing it at Ambassador for almost a year now. So party people if you are ready to show off some moves on the dance floor which you have been practicing in your garanimals in front of the mirror for the past several months...TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT. This is not going to be a normal dance party....this is going to be a SUPER FUN DANCE PARTY!

Here is the FB event. Feel free to invite everyone including people who are in different countries and don't speak English.