Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Jef Aerosol is a legend of Street Art. He has started stencilling in 1982 in France. With other French artists like Blek Le Rat, Miss Tic, and Speedy Graphito, he has pioneered a new way of artistic expression - breaking the limits of gallery spaces and canvas format. Streets have become a free and open exhibition arena.

Jef Aerosol initially explored ‘copy-art’ in the late 70s, i.e. creating collages and distortions of photos using all the possibilities of a photocopier. He gradually moved to stencils, influenced by 70s-80s underground rock bands. Characters are the focal point of Jef Aerosol’s art. Whether they are cultural icons or anonymous people, their attitudes carry a genuine emotion, magnified by texture effects, contrasted colours and provoking wording. Jef Aerosol masters the use of stencil. Like the best photographers, he can catch the truth of an instant to reveal its universality.

"The Boss" by Jef Aerosol from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

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