Friday, February 19, 2010


It looks as though Robbo and his crew have painted over another one of Banksy’s pieces in Camden. If you remember, what set off this confrontation was Banksy painting over one of Robbo’s historical throwups, which was over 20 years old (although the feud probably had its origins from even earlier). After Team Robbo went back and remixed THAT Banksy piece, they now modify another one implying that Mr. B is fishing for street cred.

What is making what Team Robbo is doing more effective and infinitely more entertaining is the fact that they aren’t simply painting over or defacing Banksy’s work but actually changing it to suit their means. Although we doubt Sir Banksy will respond or escalate this any further, Robbo and the WRH family boasts that “No Banksy is safe,” so perhaps we will see more…

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