Friday, January 15, 2010


Group Members featured:

Paul Crutchfield (vocals, percussion)
Richard Lee (guitar)
Norman Durham (bass)
and Woody Cunningham (drums).

Formed in 1972, the band has had a few name changes in its history. Originally they called themselves Pipeline but they changed their name to the Jam by the mid-'70s. In 1977 they changed their name again as the British punk band The Jam became a sensation; their new name was Universal Robot Band. In 1979 they signed to Atlantic Records using the name Kleeer. Becoming a cult band in the UK and US they enjoyed a string of hits in the R&B Charts. In the US national charts they had 3 top 40 entries, they had 2 in the top 50 in the UK, the only one both sides of the water being "Get Tough" although "Keep That Body Working" is the track that they are remembered for.


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Bloonose said...

"Intimate connection" is a fav of mine along with "Keep your body working" and "Next time it's for real"