Thursday, November 19, 2009

NYC CMJ October

This post is a little late but better than never. I was in New York for CMJ during the third week of October and ran into all sorts of folks. The Honor Roll Crew was out there reppin' the bay hard...Mike Baker The Bike Maker, Josie Stingray, Tap10, Trackademics....I was also able to catch Sake1's monthly party EST at Sutra, where he had Wajeed as a guest.

Did you know there is another Vinyl Richie in this world? Very charming man.

The next night me and my homegirls headed over to East Village Radio to see Chino and Capital P's show live...a nice surprise to see our bay area brother Shortkut tearing it up (see video below), beatjunkies were in the building as well

Mamabear & Capital P

The rain was not a good look for the hair.

Stumbled upon Jon Oliver's party "I love viNYL" which had some major dance floor action...the DJs took turns taking quick pictures of the record cover (of the track that was playing) and then posting it on the flatscreens throughout the club. Brilliant! Check out Jon's blog about some of his Dj requests...its a good laugh

I packed an empty record bag in my suitcase with hopes of coming back with some goodies...and I did. A gang of prelude/SOLAR records I was looking for (e.g. Vicky D-The Beat Is Mine) Thanks A1 & TTL- Shoutout to Matt aka Cmish for the fun afternoon geeking out over some records he thought I would like.

Matt told us about his party with Snack at APT on was almost like a Eastcoast Sweaterfunk (Snack on the left, Cmish on the right)

Vna$ty and Michi enjoying Maryjane Girls

On my last night I played with Stimulus and Eli Escobar at 105 Riv (A party Moma and Stim created called The Good Spot) in the Lower East Side. Moma and I switched places that night because he was in San Diego/Vegas with our HTS brother Beatnick. The place was sexi as hell. I mean every single person in the joint was good looking. Weird.

DJ Chela and I were rolling together that night, such an inspiring woman. We met in at Carbon in LA when I played at Funkmosphere. It was a nice way to end my trip.

As soon as we shut things down at The Good Spot, I was picked up and taken to the airport, and hopped on a plane back to San Francisco. Until next time...

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