Thursday, November 26, 2009


“Dirty soul meets a clean positive groove, ruff with the smoove, dark and light, all the opposites are in harmony: this is the sound of ‘Scrambled Negg’…” (E.A.S.E., Nightmares On Wax)

WAX ON records is proud to present the next level of soul drenched electronica. Finally, Leeds born and bread producer / DJ Dan Ward aka NEGGHEAD delivers “Scrambled Negg”, a stunning fusion of future bound funk beats and refined stand out tunes way beyond the ordinary…. from a space in time where musicianship meets dj attitude, where the essence of HipHop, Soul and Jazz is (still) what’s making people dance (and smile of course) – and where therefor the beats come a tiny bit larger than usually.

Hours and hours of focused studio work, state of the art recording sessions with top notch musicians, the musical and personal friendship with label boss and DJ colleague E.A.S.E. as well as the constant evolution of those soulful aspects of “dancefloor influenced” sound shaped this very special longplayer in a true “all killer, no filler” fashion – made with a “little” help from an illusive bunch of friends (in this case: top notch studio muscians like keyboardist JD73 and drummer Issac Haywood, as well as former Nightmares On Wax vocal queens Chyna B. and Ella May a.o.).



Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the shittest album i've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

i agree. And i heard Dan Ward takes it up the arse.

Anonymous said...

hes been getting bummed for years. Thats why his music is so shit..