Friday, October 9, 2009

San Diego THIS Weekend!


Think Late 90's /Early 2000's Death Row vs Bad Boy | East Vs West BEEF. All the original samples. All the hot joints from Lady Of Rage to Faith Evans. Carl Thomas to Nate Dogg. Tupac to Biggie. Dr Dre to Puff Daddy. Well u get the picture . . .

Shouts out to Caked Out for the clothing sponsorship. See u in SD on Sat.


The homie SmoovGroovs is going back up North to San Jose very soon . . . Think of this as one of his last times DJing in SD as a SD resident. Columbus was a d*ck but somebody had to find the "New World" at least some of y'all have Sunday off so u can come rock with us . . Its free and we'll be rockin' non "weekend" jams aka my favorite sh*t.

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