Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Graveyard funk and depraved disco all night with your hosts Chairman Mao (a/k/a “The Creature From the Wax Lagoon”) Monk-One (a/k/a “Funkenstein”), and G-Man (a/k/a “Wolfman Black”).

Very special live performances from Boogie legends:

LEROY BURGESS (Black Ivory; Convertion; Fantastic Aleems; Universal Robot Band)

RANDY MULLER (Brass Construction; B.T. Express; Skyy)

In commemoration of the scariest night of the year, APT’s Saturday night gatekeepers, Chairman Mao and Monk-One, join forces for a celebration of hair-raising disco-boogie wickedness sure to please party freaks and midnight creepers alike. In addition to your ever reliable hosts on the wheels of steel, “Night of the Boogie Monsters” offers up – not just one, but two – frighteningly fun Halloween treats – live performances from a pair of the boogie genre’s true giants. Singer/songwriter/producer Leroy Burgess – whose repertoire (e.g. Convertion’s “Let’s Do It”, Black Ivory’s “Mainline”, Aleem’s “Get Loose” et al) practically defines the genre – will be on hand to lend his velvety voice to a few of his choice classics. If that’s not enough, legendary producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Randy Muller will be in the mix as well, rocking his funky flute over a few of his finest creations (BC’s “Movin’”; Skyy’s “High” and “Here’s to You”; B.T. Express’ “Express”) – which just happen to be some of the greatest tracks in dance music history. With WBAI’s “Underground Railroad’s” G-Man manning the mic, it promises to be an evening as monstrous as its billing suggests. Boogie’s gonna getcha! Join us if you dare!

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