Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Grown Kids Radio - San Francisco

Through a series of emails and acknowledgments the staff here @ PocketRadio embarks upon an exchange program with our brethren of the north.
A fun exploration into that historic rivalry between SF&LA. In our case it's UNITY through music. The idea is to share and expose our audiences to the great musical output of each city. Grown Kids is an incredible radio effort that is worthy of your time.
This show is straight from SF and features 5 of their strongest DJ's. We will in turn show up on their site with a SoCal answer fairly soon. Stay tuned and enjoy.

The Grown Kids are a rag tag crew of DJing, producing, beat making, bike riding, youth mentoring, in the cut laying individuals that are all making things happen in San Francisco. Expect to hear everything from beat generation hip hop, all forms of electronic, funk, boogie, soul, rock and beyond. They all put in steady work to throw events, put out records, and bring new sounds to the Bay and beyond. Each member of GKR brings years of radio experience to the table, and they feel right at home behind the boards producing high quality broadcasts.

Pocketradio.org Show #58 > Bay & Beyond > GrownKidsRadio SF/LA Exchange

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