Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I first heard of Kutcorners on a U-Tern remix called Disco Sizzurp. Recently I've been playing a new instrumental of a JT/Ciara remix he made (download below) to a great response from civilians & dj's. The joint is a simple yet effective funky tune.

Here's a little about Kutcorners:

I moved to Canada when i was 18, was playing in bands before that and had just picked up the turntables and sampler. I tried to live in Montreal but i can't speak francais,

Moved to the west coast, Met up with some rappers(Illa Brown,Grafhic, Jaykin, Edge, Ashes), made some beats for them and put out a few records on Ephin and Bogueart. Met Dr.J, formed a band(1luv) put out some more records(Sonar Kollectiv, Suntzu Sound)...

Started playing in Clubs more(Get Some, Real, Soul Good) Opened for some cool people such as Raekwon, Fat Joe, Peanut butter wolf, Mos def and more. Put out some mixtapes, Started The Freshest Kids with Seko, Marvel and Rico.

This year I was featured on 2 releases.. Utern - Disco Sizzurp, 'The Cookie Jar vol 2' And Cutty Lark - 'Get Caught' 45
and I have been touring as a DJ across canada twice now and with Keys and Krates (toronto) for their west coast gigs as a bass player. Hit me up for free mixtapes and
any for any booking info at



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