Monday, July 20, 2009

July 09' Mini-Tour

What up Hear The Sounds Bloggers . . . So it's 4:30 am West Coast Time and 7:30 am East Coast Time. I'm here in Queens, New York, New York can't sleep to save my life. So here's some pictures from Saturday 7/18/09 from the first leg of my week long coast to coast mini-tour. First stop was the club Slide in San Francisco (Shout out to DJ David Carvalho of Play Agency). Slide is a really dope club with a slide to get down (or u can use the stairs). I hear it used to be a speakeasy back in the day. So enough with the talk here's some pics from the trip so far . . .

I stepped off the flight & ran into these guys . . . DJ Steve1der & Waldo of Los Angeles

Waldo wanted to get Clam Chowder in a bread bowl so we made our way to the wharf

Waldo went with everything BUT the chowder

I showed up to the club Slide hella early so I chopped it up with the door guy & vip host & operations manager. Sorry but those 10 drink tickets made me forget your names. Very friendly staff!

preparing to blow the roof off . . .

SLIDE was dope! One of the funnest crowds i've played for in a while. Afterwards the SF Hear The Sounds Princess DJ Mama Bear & I went to catch up with the fella's . . .


we saw like 60 dudes walk in & the fellas walk in so we cut out to drink Tequila & Sunkist (it's not that bad)

by about 5am I had to make my way to the airport . . . On the way we saw this security guard sleeping.

so we woke him up!

Breakfast time !!! Shouts to sparkys for the bomb sausage (pause)

I made it on-time to the airport, tried to get a blood mary but it was tooo early. Oh well Lights out. NYC here I come.

It's summer so check this summer anthem:

CLIPSE ft. Pharrell "I'm Good"

(thanks to Vinylrichie for showin' me this jammy)


Deeyay Mamabear said...

HAHAHAA GOod tymes Nick!!

saboteur said...

sorry beatchips, our con funk shun trip was long and wearing.. as always, next time :) best in nyc!

beatnick said...

Mama Bear good times indeed, of course Vinyl-Cara I shall return . .

Deeyay Mamabear said...

beatnick pointing to the neon lady "yo I wanna meet that broad" HEEE