Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Come check out what the people are talking about in San Francisco. Vega serves up blue bottle coffee, home made sand-whiches, pastries and other delicious eatables. Also the whole twitter buzz is huge in the city. I also highly recomend you follow VEGA on twitter. You will find the menu and all sort of good stuff.

On August 7th, 8th & 9th, 2009 is the return of San Francisco Classic. The largest vintage scooter rally in the bay area. In past years, there has been well over 300 scoots in attendance and we look forward to a great turn out once more.
Two events that John and I will be directly involved with is Concrete Jungle versus SF Classic on Saturday night 8/8/09 at the Knockout and the Sunday ride that starts from Vega at 11am. Our cafe will be open and serving some sweet Blue Bottle Coffee drinks so if you can't make it Monday through Friday here's your chance.
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This year's rides are for vintage scooters only, so dust off your Lambretta, Vespa or other classic and head to the City. Check out sanfranciscoclassic.com to get the whole scoop.

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