Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

Got to Stockholm a few days ago.. I was in search of the Sweden Sun. Its been raining like crazy. Daayyamm.. Never used an umbrella so much in my entire life. lol

So, I saw this walkin round Stockholm in the middle of the night. DJ Asparagus told me if you have a specific card all you do is swipe it and you can pick up any of these bikes and ride it around town for a month. As long as you drop it back off at any one of the exact bike stations. This is perfect if u don't wanna drive home drunk. lol. LA needs to get up on game with this sh**. According to Asparagus, this started in Holland.

This was after this function called "Devotion" by DJ Pure-P.. Why the hell is it bright outside and its 3:40 am. I don't get it. The sun sets around 9:30 pm and starts to rise after 3am.. short nights.. When I walked outta there I thought it was 6am.

Drunk before my set @ the Raw Fusion Event. Thank you to the residents.. Mad Mats and DJ Asparagus.

This makes everything worth it..

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