Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its About Time.

U.K. Government Proposes £26 Million Stimulus For The Music Industry

In yet another case of “Why the hell not in America?”, the U.K. government has started up a new initiative that would give the music industry 26 million pounds to help create new jobs during the recession.

James Purnell, the U.K.’s culture secretary, has said that 50 million pounds have been allotted to the creative industry to try and help create new jobs. The U.K. is giving half of the money to the music industry, in hopes that they will use their popular festival circuit to create over 200 new jobs. The U.K. (like America) has seen their festival scene explode in recent years, gaining immense popularity and producing revenues from festivals like Reading and Leeds, and Glastonbury.

The government is taking the money for the new initiative from the Department of Work and Pensions, and according to Gigwise, they will be continuing to create more jobs in different sectors of the music industry in the future. [via The Daily Swarm]

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