Thursday, April 30, 2009


80s funk, boogie disco & soulful steppers
a free weekly party in the basement of li po in SF's china town

Jeez we stacked May for y'all! We got some special appearances at various clubs around town, a new happy hour, maybe another BBQ (who's gonna host us!?!?!?!?!?)! Read On!

May 3rd - Shred One & Mama Bear - This sunday we're hosting our very own DJ Shred One and her adopted sister DJ Mama Bear. Shred has been a Sweater Funk resident for a minute now so you've probably seen her playing, dancing, recording, or repairing her jellys with some duct tape in the basement so as to keep on dancing! That's just how our girl rolls, ain't no stopping her. Mama Bear's been a staunch supporter of our thing for a long minute, we've been waiting to get her in the basement to throw down her funkiest cuts, she's not one to let the dancefloor down. Oh by the way, these ladies are some tight homies, you know they're gonna be vibing and partying the entire set, it's gonna be infectious.

May 10th - Selector Kirk & Jason - What can I say, this dude Kirk epitomizes "luxury soul". What's that. Come down to the basement and feel it. Smooth, funky, rare, og modern soul and steppers and never let you down with the boogie. There's a reason we asked this dude into our family, so so solid. Jason is Kirks tight bro from way back when. Seriously, these dudes have been throwing it down longer that most of us have been past puberty! Just something about getting two homies together to play some music, it's just a vibe you gotta experience. Oh, this dude is a slave to the song, he will let that 12" run to the end just so you can hear the illest dubbed out shit at the end of the tune. Classy.

May 17th - Consuelo - "Born in Berkeley and raised in the bay, DJ Consuelo counts his blessings to have been influenced by a lot of the great music and attitude that are unique to the bay. From rocking hip hop, classics, reggae, salsa and mash ups to throwing down deep and dirty house sets, Consuelo aims to put music together in unique and moving ways that reflect both his hunger for pairing classic cuts with new inspired sounds and his love for moving a crowd.Setting a sexy sophisticated tone, DJ Consuelo is one to vibe with."

Yeah. That's from his myspace. My opinion: I've never seen this dude have a bad night behind the decks. Experience counts for something, right? It helps that his selection is bad ass.

May 24th - Damon Bell - "Damon began record collecting and djing at 16 years old, playing jazz, salsa, funk and Hip Hop; which led him into his deep passion for music. Learning to play the polyrhythms he heard in afro-cuban jazz, jazz fusion and hip hop breaks...he soon began to imitate those sounds by playing percussion and wind instruments. "Djing is just an extension of my love and relationship with music.." originally from San Diego, Damon has touched many grounds in the Americas and over seas playing with many of todays top producer/DJ's and recording artists. Look out for new music and mixed CD compilations in 2007."

May 31st - King Most - Beat maker and DJ about town, if you HAVEN'T heard of King Most by now, WHAT THE F*#K HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? Dude has been doing his thing for years now, with dj mixes for days out there and available not to mention the odd gig or few in SF, and the world.

FREE every Sunday
9ish pm til 1:30am
@ Li Po Lounge
916 Grant @ Washington
in boogie down china town!

Other Sweater Funk events in May

May 1st - FUTURE CLASSIC feat: Sweater Funk + 4onefunk + Hear The Sounds @ Poleng - FUTURECLASSIC our monthly jump that bridges the gap between past and present every 1ST FRIDAY at poleng lounge returns on friday, may 1! we're teaming with the SWEATER FUNK SOUND SYSTEM to bring you back to 1983! the sounds that came out of the early 80’s were the building blocks of hip-hop, electro, and house as we know it… so we're dedicating the entire night to this crucial era in dance music. special guests TEEKO & B. CAUSE of the legendary 4ONEFUNK crew will also be in the place to take you on that time machine! your resident time traveller PROOF (massive selector / sweater funk) along with the sweater funk crew: JON, GUILLERMO, THE SELECTER DJ KIRK, SABRINA, RENMIN, CHUNGTECH with special guests TEEKO & B.CAUSE (4onefunk) MAMA BEAR (hear the sounds) rsvp HERE or email proof [at] to get in FREE before 1100, $5 after all night! Poleng is at 1751 Fulton.

May 6th - Sweater Funk happy hour @ Triple Crown - We throw down every other Wednesday @ Triple Crown from 5:30 til 9:30 for FREE!!! 2 for 1 drink specials and some excellent food available not to mention a sexy soundsystem! Free 5:30 til 9:30 @ Triple Crown 1760 Market @ Octavia

May 23rd - Behind the Groove @ Koko - Featuring resident DJ's Renmin, Vinyl Richie, Jon Blunck & Guillermo. 80's funk, electro sounds and boogie soul all night with guests for FREE!!! 9 til 2 @ Koko 1060 Geary


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